Lost Dog Returned To Owner After Five Years, 1,000 Miles

No one knows how Cookies ended up in California, but the dog is now back home with her owner in Kansas City, Missouri.

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Thanks to a microchip, Cookies finally was reunited with her owner, Jessica Gutierrez, after five years. Via Fox 4-WDAF

You wouldn’t blame Jessica Gutierrez if she’d given up on seeing her beloved Miniature Poodle again. When Gutierrez, an Army veteran, was deployed to Afghanistan in 2010, she left Cookies with her sister in New Mexico, Fox 4-WDAF reports. But shortly after arriving at her new home, Cookies went missing, seemingly without a trace.

Fast forward five years and Gutierrez received what she called “a miraculous text” from animal control officers in San Diego, California: They had found Cookies and, because of her microchip, were able to trace her back to her awestruck owner.

Cookies, now 7 years old, was given a plane ticket and flown home for a long-overdue reunion with Gutierrez, who lives in Kansas City, Missouri.

“I actually didn’t expect her to remember me, so that was on the back of my mind,” she told KMBC. “But she did.”

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