Lost Dog Returned To Family After Being Given Away By Stranger Who Found Him

And, believe it or not, it's all due to the efforts of a bail bondsman.

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A woman who found Dexter gave him away to an unknown family. Via Lost & Found Pets - Muskegon County/Facebook

Whew, what a week! A Michigan family whose lost dog was found — and then given away — by a stranger has their boy back, thanks to the combined efforts of social media and a determined bail bondsman.

Dexter, a 5-year old Shih Tzu, ran away from Laura Weberg’s Whitehall, Michigan, home last week. He was found by a sort-of Good Samaritan who planned to take him to a local animal shelter but, before she could turn him over to the proper authorities, she gave him away to a family of five who had hoped to adopt a dog that day. Even worse, she didn’t ask for their names and had no way to identify them, other than remembering that they drove a white car. (Helpful!)

Weberg and her partner, Greg Chase, posted Dexter’s picture online, in lost dog Facebook groups and shared Dexter’s ordeal with as many local news outlets as they could. Tommy DePung, the owner of Bad Boys Bail Bonds Fugitive Recovery and Investigations, was saddened by their story and quickly offered a $400 reward for any information leading to Dexter’s safe recovery. According to MLive, “thousands” of tips about the dog came in and DePung and his staff sorted through all of them.

One tip actually paid off, leading DePung and his associates to a family of five — that family of five — who had just moved to Michigan from Texas. DePung paid them a visit, told them what had happened and left with Dexter (and he promised their children that he would help them find and adopt another dog).

“Honestly, I just didn’t think it would end this way,” Weberg told MLive.

Who could’ve possibly imagined it, that a group of Bad Boys could bring their good boy back home?

Dexter made it home safely and is now with his family, thanks for all the shares and likes to help us get him back to his owners. We really appreciate it!

Posted by Bad Boys Bail Bonds Fugitive Recovery and Investigations on Monday, April 25, 2016

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