Lost Dog Found After 9 Months

Texas family finds pet on website for lost dogs.

A Dallas-area family who spent nine months looking for their lost dog managed to find and be reunited with their lost pet with the help of a lost dog website.

The Halleman family dog, Brewster, somehow got lost from the family’s home in mid-2006. During an initial search for Brewster, resident Aimee Halleman also listed her lost dog on FidoFinder.com, a lost and found dog website.

Recently, a Dallas couple had found Brewster wandering their apartment complex and immediately realized he was lost. They searched for the lost dog’s owners, eventually turning to lost and found dog websites.

Through the lost dog listings on FidoFinder.com, the couple who found Brewster was able to contact the Hallemans about the dog. By this time, Brewster had been missing from the Halleman family home for about nine months.

Upon receiving the call, Aimee Halleman said she was skeptical due to the amount of time that had passed since Brewster was lost — she couldn’t fathom her dog wandering for nine months. However, after discussing the dog’s physical appearance over the phone, Brewster’s identity was confirmed, and he was reunited with his family.

After the reunion, one question still remained:  Where had Brewster been for nine months?

“What we believe happened in Brewster’s situation is that the original family who found him wasn’t able to properly secure him in their backyard and he simply got loose again,” FidoFinder.com founder Wes Cutshall explained.

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