‘Lost’ Dog Brings Clinton And Trump Supporters Together

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump supporters put differences aside to help a "lost" dog in a new ad by Pedigree pet food.

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Can't we all just get along? Yes. Yes we can when there is a dog involved.
Stephanie Brown

Hillary Clinton supporters and Donald Trump supporters may not agree with each other when it comes to issues like gun control and abortion. But it appears everyone — no matter the political affiliation — can agree to put differences aside it if means helping a dog in need.

In a new ad by Pedigree pet food, a woman dressed in a Clinton campaign T-shirt shows up at a Trump rally with a “lost” dog she claims to have found nearby. Then she goes to a Clinton rally in a Trump T-shirt, again with the lost dog.

One thing we can all agree on: Dogs are awesome. Via Pedigree Brand/YouTube

One thing we can all agree on: Dogs are awesome. Via Pedigree Brand/YouTube

Both times she asks rally attendees for help in finding the dog’s owner. Things don’t go so well at first, with many taking note of her T-shirt supporting the opposing party’s presidential nominee. But eventually differences are cast aside and people begin sharing stories about their own pets. When another actor shows up pretending to be the dog’s owner, everyone cheers.

Dog for President! Via Pedigree Brand/YouTube

“Things like this give us hope that we can all find common ground in some places, and I think that was what we were just a part of,” said one of the Clinton supporters.

“We have our differences, but everyone loves dog,” said one of the Trump supporters.

And that love unites us all.

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