Lost Cat Found Rolling In Catnip

A cat walks into a pet store and goes straight to the toys laced with catnip, dives in deep.


Picture this: a lost cat, confused, alone, hungry, accidentally saunters into a pet store. Does she go for the pet food to sate her ravenous appetite, or does she head for the toy section? If you chose the latter, ding, ding, ding – you’re correct!

While walking the streets, the cat you see above made her way into a pet store, made a beeline for the toy department, and proceeded to have a field day with their selection of catnip toys. First, she leaps onto a shelf covered in stuffed catnip toys, where she proceeds to roll around crazily, knocking them all to the floor.

Of course, her catnip-infused high didn’t end there. She had to take the bizarre display one paw further by jumping onto the ground, where her catnip-filled booty lie in wait, continuing her wormy wiggle of ecstasy on the shop’s floor.

“This cat entered the pet store by accident and had the time of her life rolling around in catnip toys! Pure kitty bliss,” captioned SensualCat. “Oh, and her owner came to pick her up, so all’s well that ends well!”

How do your cats react to catnip?

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