Lost Bird Action Plan

Things you can do if your bird flies off

Accidents do happen, and in the event that your bird flies off, there is a chance that it might not fly right back to you. And if the worst happens, follow these tips to work toward being reunited with your bird.

Tip 1: Don’t panic, and keep your bird in sight. Take your surroundings into consideration and where your bird might fly to. Trees and other tall landing sites are important to keep in mind. If you can, follow your bird if it flies off. Make sure not to yell at your bird or react wildly and erratic. If your bird lands within reach, calmly talk to it and offer and outstretched hand or stick.

Tip 2: If you’ve lost site of your bird, don’t lose hope. Go on walks looking for your bird. Alert your neighbors and regular visitors, like your mail delivery person of your lost bird. Ask if you can look in their back yard and leave information about your bird, and your contact information with them.

Tip 3: Put your bird’s cage outside where your bird can see it. Leave the door open with toys, treats, food and water inside.

Tip 4: Print out and post a lost bird flier in your neighborhood, vet clinics, rescue shelters, pet and bird stores, the post office and other public bulletin boards. At the BirdChannel.com you can use our lost bird tips to create and print out your own Lost Bird Flier. You can also utilize the internet and local newspapers and put up a lost bird posting. 

Also, notify and check in with your local animal control, American Society for The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), humane societies and local rescue shelters in the chance that someone has brought your lost bird in.
Remember not to give up hope that you will find your bird. Some people find their bird within a matter of minutes, and in extreme cases, a matter of months.

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