Los Angeles Fire Department’s Black Labrador Assists in Fire Investigation

The So-Called ‘Derek Jeter’ of Arson Canines is On the Job



In the early morning of Monday, December 8, a major fire erupted in downtown Los Angeles, completely destroying an apartment building under development. Certain aspects of the plan were controversial, so the Los Angeles Fire Department and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives cannot rule out criminal activity that lead to the fire. Now that the fire is out, the investigation will begin with a black Labrador Retriever named Major expected to do the brunt of the work.
Major is 6 years old and works for the LAFD Arson/Counter-Terrorism Section as an Accelerant Detection Canine. He was originally trained by the ATF at the Canine Training Center in Front Royal, Virginia, and is considered to be one of the best in the business. In a press conference held this morning, ATF agent Carlos Canino remarked on Major and his handler, Frank, being on the case is like “having Derek Jeter on your team.”  Nationwide, there are more than 60 Accelerant Detection Canines. The Los Angeles Fire Department has had three Accelerant Detection Canines since the 1990s. When he is not assisting the Fire Department, Major also responds to other regions of the country as part of the ATF National Response Team. On their Facebook page, the LAFD remarks on Major being “an ambassador for our department, Major is a significant tool in the battle against arson.”
Investigation of this fire could take anywhere from weeks to months. Anyone with information is asked to call the tip line at 213-893-9850.


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