Loro Parque Hopes For Third Breeding Spix? Macaw Pair

Loro Parque hopes the new male Spix's macaw will help establish a third Spix? breeding macaw pair.

In Loro Parque (LPF), Tenerife, Spain, the new Spix’s macaw male (Cyanopsitta spixii) that arrived in March from Brazil has ended his quarantine period and is now in the Spix’s macaw breeding centre of LPF. The “new” male has been placed in the neighboring enclosure to three females to get him used to his new environment.

Due to the fact that the three females are sisters, for genetic purposes, there is no special wish from Loro Parque about which female will be chosen by the male. However, it would be preferable that the male chooses one of the older females, as both are mature for breeding. Loro Parque hopes to soon report about the establishment of a third Spix’s macaw pair in the installations of LPF.

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