Looks Like We?e Made It

I love to shop. I hate spending money but I do love shopping. No surprise then that catalogs bring me such joy. And what recently brought me even greater joy was receiving my Pier 1 Imports “Springy Thingy” catalog that had a cockatiel on its front cover. A cockatiel, you ask? Yes, yes, it is a normal gray cockatiel sitting on a blue end table, surrounded by pillows and a lamp and, of course, a nice, white decorative bird cage that has obviously never had a bird grace its pristine self. Now if it was my normal gray cockatiel, that decorative cage would have been chewed apart before the photographer could pip out, “Say cheese!” 

But I digress. No, I didn’t get angry that some poor unsuspecting bloke would even possibly believe that cage was meant for the cockatiel. I just hope nobody would be that stupid. Instead I was excited that some marketing guru out there thought enough of a cockatiel to let it grace the spring catalog cover. After all, there are two dogs and two kids in the catalog and none of them made the cover. But, there’s more – more cockatiels on page 20. The normal gray is back, plus a lutino cockatiel. There are surrounded by lampshades and there are two little decorative bird houses in the photo spread too. There is no way either bird could fit in those houses, so once again I don’t believe this was meant to portray unsafe housing.

The thing that makes me giggle about this photo spread is that one of the cockatiels is sitting on a wicker chair. For those of us in the know, wicker is just one big chew toy for parrot, even the cockatiel. The last time I had wicker furniture in the house, the birds managed to sneakily chew it to pieces bit by bit, no matter how much I thought I kept an eye on them. I’m wondering if this pea green chair made it safely through the shoot.

However, the amazement doesn’t stop there. No! On page 31, there is a photo of a sofa and behind the sofa is that decorative cage from the cover. On a chair to the right of the sofa sits a Queen of Bavaria conure. Oh yes, there is no mistaking this beauty. And again, I fear for the chew-toy chair. Catalog shopping is never more fun then when you look at birds sitting on easily chewable pretty objects. It brings a secret, malicious pleasure, because those pieces of furniture aren’t yours. Here’s to Pier 1 for putting a birdie on the cover.

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