Looking to Score a Touchdown with Your Dog’s Name?

Try choosing a football-inspired dog name for your pet and learn some lingo while you are at it!

Football season is here! Love football so much that you have to give your dog a name that stands out on the field? Don’t whine — we’ve got you covered with our list of must-know football lingo that also double as great dog names! Find the perfect football-inspired name for your adopted dog or new puppy.

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Football-Inspired Dog Names 

  • Blitz – when linebackers or defensive backs are called in to put pressure on a quarterback. Also known as a “Red Dog.”
  • Coach – The leader
  • Freeze – when a team attempts to hold the ball without trying to score points to run out the clock.
  • Fumble – when an offensive player drops or loses possession of the football.
  • Field –place where the game is played
  • Gunner – players who aim to tackle the punt or kick returner, often very fast.
  • Guard – member of the offensive line
  • Jumbo– an offensive formation
  • Kicker – player specializing in kickoffs or field goals.
  • Mike – middle or interior linebacker who leads the defense.
  • PAT– Point After Touchdown
  • Pancake – block which sends the opponent to the ground.
  • QB – short for quarterback, the leader
  • Rag Doll – when a defensive lineman tosses an offensive lineman like a “rag doll”
  • Ref – referee
  • Rook or Rookie – young or new player
  • Rover – a player on defense
  • Rush – to run from the scrimmage line with the football, or when the defense rushes the quarterback
  • Safety – defensive back
  • Sam – strong-side linebacker
  • Tackle – the act of bringing another player to the ground

Prefer to show some team spirit?

Try one of these names based off of your favorite pro football team:

  • Arizona Cardinals – Arizona, Card or Cardinal
  • Atlanta Falcons – Atlanta, Falcon
  • Baltimore Ravens – Balt, Raven
  • Carolina Panther – Carol, Caroline or Carolina, Pan
  • Cincinnati Bengals – Cin or Cincinnati
  • Buffalo Bills – Bill or Billy, Buffy
  • Cleveland Browns – Brown or Brownie, Cleveland
  • Chicago Bears – Bear, Chi
  • Denver Bronco – Denver, Bronco
  • Detroit Lions – Dee, Lion
  • Dallas Cowboys – Cowboy, Dallas
  • Green Bay Packers – Bay, Packer
  • Houston Texans – Houston, Tex or Texan
  • Indianapolis Colts – Colt, Indie or Indiana
  • Jacksonville Jaguars – Jack or Jackson, Jag
  • Kansas City Chiefs – Chief, Kansas
  • Miami Dolphins – Dolph, Miami
  • Minnesota Viking – Minnie, Viking
  • New Orleans Saints – Orley, Saint
  • New York Jets – Jet
  • Oakland Raiders – Oak or Oakland, Raider
  • Pittsburgh Steelers – Steeler
  • Philadelphia Eagles – Phil or Philly, Eagle
  • San Diego Chargers – Diego, Charger
  • San Francisco 49ers – Frisco, Niner
  • Seattle Seahawks – Hawk
  • St. Louis Rams – Lou or Lois, Ram, Saint
  • Tennessee Titans – Titan
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Buccaneer, Tampa, Tampa Bay 
  • Washington Redskins – Red
Looking for something that says your dog’s a big winner? Try one of these:
  • Champ
  • Champion
  • Hero
  • MVP – Most Valuable Pup
  • Streak – as in winning streak
  • Winner  

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