Looking Back, Looking Forward

From use of the Internet to medical advances, a lot has happened in the world of ferrets in the past 15 years.

Looking back and forward in the ferret worldIn 1996, the first issue of Ferrets USA magazine went on sale, and we’ve brought information to ferret owners annually ever since. Fifteen years is almost two ferret lifetimes, and a lot has changed during this time. When we contacted different members of the ferret community to get their take on where ferrets and the community have been and where they’re going, several themes emerged.

Information Explosion
Access to information is probably the most often mentioned difference between now and 15 years ago.

“I think the ferret community has become better informed via the Internet,” said Vickie McKimmey, owner of Just A Business Of Ferrets ferretry in Lewistown, Md. “It wasn’t that easy 15-plus years ago. Plus, if you have a problem or just a question, there are many informative sites available to find the answer you need exactly when you need it.”

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