Look Out, Dogs And Cats: Huff The Hedgehog Is Taking Over Instagram

Hodge Huffington the Cricket Slayer, King of the Quills and First of His Name, at your service.

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"Hello, my name is Huff. I'm the new king of Instagram." Via huffthehedgehog/Instagram
Cari Jorgensen

If any creature were to dethrone the dogs and cats that dominate social media, it would have to be a hedgehog, right? And one named Hodge Huffington the Cricket Slayer, King of the Quills and First of His Name is the one to do it. Given that his name is based on “Game of Thrones,” it makes perfect sense to us.

Huff, as he’s affectionately called by his owner Carolyn Parker, is an African Pygmy Hedgehog. At around 3 years old he’s “a bit of a grump,” Parker told Petcha.com, “but despite his tough, spiky exterior he is really soft, timid and lovable on the inside. I think that is why there is such a large fan base for hedgehogs… because people can relate to them.”

Huff first came into Parker’s life when she saw that local Utah breeder Quill Berry Hedgehogs had the hedgehog available.

“I hadn’t ever had a pet hedgehog before, so I made sure to do my research being going through with the adoption,” Parker said.

She’s had him for almost a year, but the bond was not instantaneous.

“It definitely took a while for us to bond since his previous owner did not interact with him very much,” Parker told Petcha.com. “Having him sleep in an old T-shirt of mine to get him used to my scent helped a lot in the bonding process, as well as handling him often. I’m very used to his prickly quills now!”

As Huff and Parker bonded, Parker found that he made her happy and wanted to share that experience with other people. With that, Huff’s Instagram account, @huffthehedgehog, was formed. ​ 

“I started the Instagram account in early February… A lot of people here in Utah struggle with seasonal depression — including myself,” she said. “Hanging out with Huff, taking cute pictures of him and sharing [them] with my friends and family cheered me up. A few people mentioned I should share the photos with a broader audience, so I did.”

And the result couldn’t be more adorable — or enticing. Huff’s Instagram page has already earned 19,000 followers in the few short months it’s been up.

“I am surprised by the response the account is getting,” Parker said, “but more than anything I am excited! It’s so fun to share [his] cute, little face with people from all around the world.” ​ 

We’re pretty sure that cute, little face is about to take his rightful place on the throne as the King of Instagram.

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