Long-Haired Chihuahua Tantalizes Fans With Stylish Photos

And he looks pretty good while doing it.

His name is Lien and he lives in Japan. Currently amassing a fanbase on Instagram, Lien is a Long-Haired Chihuahua with the biggest, darkest eyes you have ever seen that will keep you spellbound. Also, he is very fashionable! Scrolling through his pictures, I see a couple shirts that I have or at least have wanted to own. Some of his beanies, too. Seriously, this guy is so fashionable that it makes me a little jealous of his winter attire. 

Lien the Chihuahua 

I like to think he this is his outfit for hanging out at a coffee shop all day while writing for his blog on his laptop, but pretending like he works at the docks. We can see through you, Lien!

When I’m caught blinking during a photo, I look like an idiot. Lien seems to be able to pull it off pretty well. I like how he is illuminated by the sunlight in this one, which makes his blink even more majestic.

Lien the Chihuahua 


Yep, that’s a hoodie I wouldn’t mind owning. Don’t know if I could pull off that look as well as Lien can, though. 


Lien the Chihuahua 


Look he even has a trendy leather harness to go with his trendy striped sweater! What a fancy boy.

Lien the Chihuahua 

Lien currently has 1,623 followers on Instagram. His Instagram handle is @lienjp. Follow him now and watch his climb to Internet stardom!

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