Lonely Cat and Stray Become Fast Friends

Two black cats befriend one another and exchange the gift of companionship for the comfort of a home.

The loud cries in the middle of the night woke up the couple. As soon as they put the outdoor light on, the cries stopped. This continued for a couple of nights, until the couple decided to get a flashlight, go outside and wait for the cries again.

They knew that the house next door had been empty for at least a week, and they now wanted to investigate the noise. They were dismayed when they saw a small, shorthaired cat on the porch mewing helplessly. The cat looked frightened, and he quickly disappeared.

The very next day, the husband called some local rescue organizations and was directed to Elke Paulson in Toronto of The Black Cat Rescue, who came out and trapped the cat. Elke had several available foster parents who would be able to take care of the cat until a permanent home was found for him.

The little black cat was then vaccinated and scheduled to be neutered. Elke contacted a cat behaviorist friend to discuss the cat and re-homing him. As luck would have it, the friend had a client who was looking to adopt a cat.

Brenda Mills’ cat, Pearl, a longhaired black beauty, was grieving for her lost sister, Amber, who suddenly passed away in January 2014.  Brenda wanted Pearl to be happy and so she wanted to adopt another cat. An introduction was made and Elke went to meet Brenda to discuss the adoption. They named the little black cat Frankie.

Soon, it was time for the two cats to meet. Elke brought little Frankie to Brenda’s home. Pearl cautiously approached Frankie and touched noses with him while Brenda and Elke watched with delight. This was a good start!

It took a few days for Frankie to feel completely comfortable in his new surroundings. He eventually began to venture into the bedroom at night where Brenda and Pearl slept. Pearl didn’t seem to mind this at all, and soon they became fast friends, cuddling with each other at night.

After a few weeks. Pearl and Frankie regularly played together and chased each other around the house Frankie would even comically hang from Pearls’ cat tree and tease her. Pearl just loved him.

Now all is well: Frankie has a new sister, and Pearl is happy to have a new little brother. Brenda is thrilled knowing that she has given Pearl a playmate and given Frankie a forever home. Frankie is one lucky little guy.

FreeKibble.com, a website dedicated to providing nutritious food to shelter animals, will donate 5,000 meals of Halo’s Spot’s Stew to the rescue group of Brenda Mills’ choice.

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