Loki Vampire Kitten Wants to Attack Your Heart With So Much Adorableness

Loki the kitten has amassed tons of followers after debuting a charming pair of fangs on the internet only a month ago.

Celebricats have a new member of their ranks. One feline on the rise is ready to sink her fangs into the internet. Literally.

Named for the Norse God of Mischief, Loki has been amassing legions of fans via the Interwebs since she was adopted due to her highly unusual, yet downright adorable, look, which includes protruding canines that are almost always visible, giving her vampire fangs.

Loki’s adoptive owner, Kaet, refers to her as a “little vampire,” but is clueless when it comes to how she developed such a distinctive look.

“I’m not sure [how it happened], when I adopted her from the shelter they didn’t give me many details about her looks,” Kaet said on Instagram @loki_kitteh.
Since joining Instagram one month ago, Loki has racked up 23.7k followers, with more following her on Tumblr and Twitter @loki_kitteh, proving that the world is truly her oyster.

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