Lobstah the Cat Climbs to Instagram Fame

The latest feline star has a claw and we love it.

Your eyes are not deceiving you; Lobstah the cat does, indeed, have a claw-shaped paw, and it makes us love him even more!

Found on the streets of San Francisco when he was just four-months-old, choosing a name for the unusual kitten was a no-brainer for SPCA staff. While his one-of-a-kind appendage was nothing but adorable; his underlying health problems were heartbreaking.

When SPCA staff noted that Lobstah had stopped pooping and eating, they knew that something was wrong. It was soon discovered that the sweet little guy had a serious birth defect: an underdeveloped chest wall. Uncorrected, the problem would cut his life short, so the San Francisco SPCA did the only thing they could think of: rush him in for emergency surgery.

“The surgical team, Dr. Jeanette Goh of the SF SPCA and vascular specialist Dr. Margo Mehl, went in not knowing what they’d find or if they could save little Lobstah,” wrote the SF SPCA on Imgur. “They discovered that they were able to reconstruct a chest wall for him using connective tissues and muscles in his body. The surgery was unprecedented and … a total success!”

Hiding again.

A photo posted by Lobstah, aka Jimmy Simpson (@lobstah_the_cat) on

Now residing with his new parents, Leda and John (who just happen to be experts in caring for special needs animals), Lobstah is living the good life, and showing off his cute claw on the daily via Instagram @lobstah_the_cat.

His profile reads: “Lobstah, aka Jimmy Simpson From the streets of San Francisco, I was born with a claw, a crooked tail and no sternum. Oh yeah…I snore too.” And his uploads? They’re basically giving us a major case of the squee’s! I mean, just look at that claw!


A photo posted by Lobstah, aka Jimmy Simpson (@lobstah_the_cat) on

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