Giant Lizard Greets Owner Like A Dog When He Gets Home

When this guy comes from work, his rock iguana acts like a giddy dog wagging at the door.

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"You're home! FINALLY."
Chrissa Hardy

You know that moment when you get home from a long day at work and your dog runs right up to you, thrilled you’re finally home, and all is right with the world? Well apparently that routine is not dog-specific.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Dave Durham, Buddy the rock iguana runs right up to Durham (his owner) when he gets home, just like a dog.

You half expect Buddy to wag his long, scaly tail, too.

Buddy opens his mouth a few times in an excited expression almost as if to say, “OMG I THOUGHT YOU’D NEVER COME BACK.”

The best part, however, is when Durham asks Buddy if he’s glad he’s home, and then if he’s hungry, to which Buddy nods his head yes.

Buddy is a very good boy.

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