Liza Minnelli’s Dog Has Puppies

Now a proud parent, Liza Minelli’s dog gives birth to four Schnauzer puppies.

Longtime animal lover Liza Minnelli recently helped to make a successful love match. But the paramours weren’t friends of the legendary singer: The new couple consisted of Minnelli’s Schnauzer, Emalina, and her friend Arlene Dahl’s Schnauzer, Maxie.

The New York Post’s Paula Froelich reports that Minnelli and Dahl have successfully bred the dogs. Emalina whelped four puppies, which the longtime friends named Eenie, Meenie, Minie, and Moe.

Dahl is a movie actress, former “One Life to Live” star, and mother of actor Lorenzo Lamas.

Froelich reports that Minnelli, Dahl, Emalina, and Maxie will be honored at a “puppy shower” this week in New York City. The party will be hosted by Wendy Carduner, the owner of Doubles, an exclusive club in the Sherry-Netherland hotel and the site of the party. Guests will receive goody bags filled with dog biscuits and toys.

Minnelli is a frequent contributor to various animal-related causes. In June, she served as a judge for a pet beauty pageant that raised money for the Mayor’s Alliance for New York City’s Animals, a nonprofit animal welfare organization.

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