Living the Life of a Posh Puppy

New book offers a peek into the lavish life of the indulged canine.

Tori has been to Beverly Hills and Paris, shopped in the finest stores, and vacationed internationally. But Tori is no blonde heiress. She is, however, a blonde, 4-pound Maltese, the beloved pet of her owner Ilene Hochberg, author of the new book “Posh Pups: Dogs Who Live Better Than You Do.”

Dogs are not simply accessories for the wealthy. They are companions, reaping all the rewards with little of the work. In Hochberg’s world, people and their pups enjoy the finer things: Haute couture, jewels, massages, and spa days are no longer indulgences reserved for mankind. The book dishes on the details of fine living: how to travel in style, where to shop, and what to wear. Full of photos of dogs living the good life, from gorgeous grooming to deluxe dining and more, “Posh Pups” is a look at a life most humans would envy.

But the book is not only for the very wealthy. Any dog lover wants to pamper his or her pup, and the “Cheap Chic” suggestions will help any budget-minded owner accomplish that. There are do-it-yourself ideas like knitting your dog his own sweater, or a luxurious at-home bath that will keep your dog looking and feeling like one classy canine. 

The book has all the ideas you need to keep your dog living in style.

“Posh Pups: Dogs Who Live Better Than You Do” by Ilene Hochberg is on sale now.

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