Living Naturally with Your Cat

Going organic is one of the latest trends for how we eat. Many pet owners recognize the benefits all-natural diets give them and are applying their nutritional knowledge to their pets. See some options available for your cat.

Although she works long hours as a Wall Street financial analyst, Anne Roy, adds balance to her life by living a healthier and more natural lifestyle. She is concerned about her familys diet, exercise regime and the products that they use, but she is also preoccupied with the best way to take care of her Burmese cat, Georgie. If I eat organic foods, why shouldn’t I provide the best possible diet for my cat too? Roy says.

Total organic pet food sales were at $14 million dollars and have been increasing about three times the rate of human organic food sales, according to a 2003 study by the Organic Trade Association. It seems that American cats are being fed organic food by single, aging baby boomers and empty-nester pet parents. These pet owners are providing organic food and other natural products to their babies to spoil them or provide healthier lifestyles, like their own.

Roy, who feeds her cat Old Mother Hubbards Wellness brand cat food, also supplies Georgie with natural cat litter, organic catnip toys and bathes her with a natural feline shampoo. She buys all of these products at either the local Whole Foods Market or a nearby pet store. She even gives Georgie filtered water. As a result of buying natural and organic products, Roy says, Georgie is healthier and happier.

**For the full article, pick up the July issue of CAT FANCY**

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