Live Tree As A Playgym

So you want to get a tree for your birds to play on?

Q: Hello, I hope you can help. I want to buy a live tree for my cockatiels and nanday conure to play in. I don’t care if they destroy it! I am concerned about buying the wrong type of tree, something that is unsafe for them. I am concerned about the fertilizers that many green houses use.

A: So you want to get a tree for your birds to play on? To find a tree that is fertilizer-safe, find a local organic garden supplier. You can locate one on the Web or contact your local organic garden club. Either should be able to put you in touch with someone who can sell you a pesticide-free tree or plant.

I’m not sure what kind of dimensions you want for the tree, will it be an inside tree, what kind of care it would need, etc. I would make a list of all that you desire in this tree, have a garden supplier tell you which trees meet your criteria and then check with your local avian vet to find out which tree is safest for your birds.

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