Little Rascals

The curly-coated Devon Rex steals hearts with its pixieish looks and impish behavior.


Most people associate a wagging tail with a cheerful dog. In Jennifer Slotterback’s home, a wagging tail comes attached to a happy Devon Rex.

And what makes her Devon Rex cats so jolly that they wag their tails? Any type of interest from her and her family, she says. “They adore attention,” explains the breeder from Denver, Pa. “They enjoy being a part of the family.”

Curly Cuties
That joyful tail comes attached to a medium length, lean body covered with the Devon Rex’s distinctive curly fur. According to The International Cat Association’s website, a show quality cat will have a coat of even, full, loose curls, but individual cats can feature anything from a moplike mass of curls to a thin, downy coat referred to as “suede.”

The curls, no matter what the length, come in a range of colors and patterns. In fact, the TICA standard for the Devon Rex allows all colors and patterns in championship competition.

All those beautiful coat options cover the Devon Rex’s slender yet muscular body, including its tapered, wagging tail. The cat’s large eyes come in several colors to complement its coat — but that isn’t the only oversized feature on the breed. “The ears are astonishingly large,” Slotterback says, noting that they are “set very wide and low on the sides of the face.” The size and position of the ears, combined with the breed’s wedge-shaped head, lead many people to compare the Devon Rex to a pixie.

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