Little Kitten Thinks She’s A Chicken

Her family says the stray tuxedo cat “identifies as a chicken.”

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Chicken the Kitten has found her flock. Via Chicken The Kitten/Instagram
Anastasia Thrift

It’s good to go through life without expectations. You never know what’s in store. For example, when you go to your chicken coop, don’t expect to find only chickens.

One chicken coop held a surprise for an Alabama family recently, when they found a little tuxedo kitten hanging out with the hens. She eats scratch, sleeps in the coop and overall has acclimated to life in the henhouse, according to the kitten’s new Instagram page.

“I am in no way a cat person,” the first post reads. “But yesterday, this precious little stray fur ball decided that she was a chicken, our chicken coop was her home, and our chickens were her family.”

Photos show the kitten doing all the chicken things, alongside some very accepting hens and roosters. 

Nighty night. #kitten #chicken #cute #animals #cuteanimals A photo posted by Chicken The Kitten (@chicken_the_kitten) on

“Tonight, she followed them into the coop and nestled up with them for the night,” the post continues. “She identifies as a chicken and I’m a chicken person, so I think it’s all gonna work out just fine.”

The account is still new, as is this roomie situation. We hope to see more to come and hear how life as a chicken can be for a little cat.

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