Little Girl Is Super Proud Of Her Dog For Pooping

A little girl acts as cheerleader for her dog and offers an enthusiastic congrats on a poop well done.

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Now THIS is support.
Chrissa Hardy

Loved ones have your back and will support you in ANY situation.

Which has never been more true than in a video recently uploaded to YouTube by America’s Funniest Home Videos. In the short video, a little girl cheers on her dog while the dog poops in the yard.

The girl says “Great job pooping!” not once, but twice — both times with adorably intense enthusiasm. She also taps the dog, who is mid-poop, on the bum for encouragement.

"Great job, pooping!" Via YouTube

“Great job, pooping!” Via YouTube

This little girl is so sweet, and she clearly wants the dog to know that pooping is not only a normal activity, but it’s a personal achievement! Like it’s a trick that you learn and master over time. Is that really the case? Umm… not so much. But it’s certainly exciting when the body does what it’s supposed to do.

A+ work, pup. Solid stool today. Via YouTube

A+ work, pup. Solid stool today. Via YouTube

The cutest part of all of this is the possibility that the dog and this little lady are genuine potty pals. Does the dog offer a motivational nudge of the nose while the little girl goes? And is the little girl always cheering on the dog in the yard? Either way, they are clearly BFFs, and it’s wonderful.

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