Little Girl And Her Dog Do Absolutely Everything Together

Mimi-Monroe and her dog Lola have grown up together and are utterly, and adorably, inseparable.

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Chrissa Hardy

No matter what age you are, dogs make the best best friends ever. You won’t be able to find one human who is a better listener, a better snuggler, or more devoted to you than a dog would be.

And even as a baby, Mimi-Monroe totally gets this. Mimi is a 17-month-old little lady, and her Bull Terrier Lola is 8 months old. They live together in Melbourne, Australia, and they do just about everything together. Lola’s owners capture their bestie goals on Instagram @lola_thequeenbully.

Also, how cool is this family?

This is my mum and dad and sister xx

A photo posted by @lola_thequeenbully on

“Basically from the moment they wake, they play with toys, help me around the house, watch cartoons… Yes, Lola watches cartoons!” Mimi’s mom, Bridget Johnston, told

They are a super dynamic duo, and their friendship is the kind of bond we’re all searching for in life. So take it from little Mimi-Monroe: The best friend you’ll ever have will be a dog.

Here are some of their cutest moments together.

1. Struttin’ Together

  •>B E S T i E S <•   A photo posted by @lola_thequeenbully on

Werk it, girls!

2. Stuck Together

#nationalpuppyday baby lola and Mimi xx

A video posted by @lola_thequeenbully on

They could both easily get out of this mess of limbs, but they seem oddly content to stay this way.

3. Escaping Together

  Yip now i know how these two end up out the backyard in the dirt..thanx Lola ????????????   A video posted by @lola_thequeenbully on

“They are cheeky together, and I’m sure in time they will get into mischief,” Bridget told us.

Looks like that mischief has already begun!

4. Playing Together


A video posted by @lola_thequeenbully on

“Mimi, you’re in the lavaaaaaaa! Get up here!”

5. Begging Together

  Breakfast time ????????????   A video posted by @lola_thequeenbully on

“Soooo are we going to eat, or what?”

6. Snuggling Together

Cuddles before bed ????

A video posted by @lola_thequeenbully on

All the “awww”s in the world don’t even do it justice.

7. Napping Together

  ????????✌????   A video posted by @lola_thequeenbully on

We mean, come ON. That cuteness is almost too much to handle.

8. Cheesin’ Together

Naughty pair xx

A photo posted by @lola_thequeenbully on

Putting on their biggest and silliest grins for the camera.

9. Cruisin’ Together

  They see me rollin…they hatin….????☺   A photo posted by @lola_thequeenbully on

So ride or die, these two.

10. Staying Cool Together

Hot #melbourne day

A video posted by @lola_thequeenbully on

In sickness and in health, on hot summer days and cold winter ones, these two will stay together.

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  • Lovely ????

    Rosemary April 7, 2016 2:21 pm Reply
  • Great bond and so rarely one sees parents encouraging children to play with their dogs so closely at such a young age. I let me son and my dog interact from the day we brought him home from hospital at 2 weeks of age. The love of a dog is irreplaceable and your little girl will always have wonderful memories to keep and to share even when she is an adult. All the best to the two of them always and kudos to you two parents for bringing up your child with a beautiful dog. You cannot get a better dog than a bully.

    Corinne Karbhari April 7, 2016 2:42 pm Reply
  • So adorable xx

    Celeste April 8, 2016 3:55 pm Reply

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