Little Dog Brilliantly Uses Her Smarts To Steal Toy From Big Dog Brother

This clever Dachshund proves that sometimes brains beat brawn.

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You think the big dog will get the toy in the end, right? Wrong!
Chrissa Hardy

In a battle over a toy between a small Dachshund and a big Labrador, you would probably bet on the big dog, right? Not so fast.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by DailyPicksandFlicks, a Dachshund named Georgia Louise wants to play with a stuffed toy, but her “brother,” a big black Lab named Angus, has zero interest in sharing it. So little Georgia Louise has to use her brains to beat her brother’s brawn.

Via DailyPicksandFlicks/YouTube

“I’m not giving up this Carebear without a fight, Angus!” Via DailyPicksandFlicks/YouTube

At first Georgia Louise tries to rip the toy away from Angus, but that, of course, does not work.

Then the toy drops to the floor, offering the chance for Georgia Louise or Angus to snag it.

Via DailyPicksandFlicks/YouTube

“Well, this is an interesting development… ” Via DailyPicksandFlicks/YouTube

They both jump down off the chair, and Angus gets it first. So Georgia Louise decides to sulk while hiding under the chair.

Via DailyPicksandFlicks/YouTube

“The bigger the better, eh Angus? HA!” Via DailyPicksandFlicks/YouTube

But when Angus drops the toy, little Georgia Louise strikes! She steals it from Angus and plays with it under the chair, where Angus cannot reach.

She was literally the underdog, and she won!

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