Little Boy Catches Stray Dog That No One Else Could Catch

The dog had been seen around a Bass Pro Shop in East Ridge, Tennessee.

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East Ridge Animal Services had been looking for Ashton for weeks. Via East Ridge Animal Services/Facebook
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For six weeks, East Ridge Animal Services in East Ridge, Tennessee, had been receiving calls about a stray dog in the area. For the first three weeks, she was spotted near the new Bass Pro Shop by just about everyone but staff, ERAS posted on Facebook.

When staff finally did spot her, they tried to lure her with treats, and by calling her and chasing after her.

“We set a trap for her,” ERAS wrote in the post. “She almost went in once and a load truck scared her… We hung a ham in the trap. She would bark at the ham but never go in.”

After discussing tranquilizing her — which can be unsafe — ERAS was nearly ready to give up. Luckily, a 7-year-old child named Michael Pate Jr. came to their aid, albeit unbeknownst to him.

There comes a time in all of our lives where we meet a mighty challenge. It may be a personal or professional challenge….

Posted by East Ridge Animal Services on Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Pate and his father, Michael Pate Sr., and brother were shopping at the East Ridge Bass Pro Shop when he noticed the dog in the parking lot, NewsChannel 9 reports. Worried she’d either get hit by a car or get lost, Pate Jr. coaxed the dog into the car by offering her a bite of his cheeseburger. Pate Sr. then drove the dog to East Ridge Animal Services, unaware that they’d been looking for that very dog.

Andrea Dillard of ERAS told NewsChannel 9 that the officer on duty was shocked and couldn’t believe it was the dog they’d been trying to bring in. The dog, now named Ashton, is safe in ERAS care and will be available for adoption once she rests and gains weight. The hope is that she goes to a home with children.

“I definitely think since she was so eager to greet the boys that a home with children would be fabulous for her. I think she would be very happy with that,” Dillard told NewsChannel 9.

Yes, we think so, too.

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