Litter Giveaway Relies on Cat Fan Input

A GiveLitter promotion earlier this year brought 15,000 pounds of cat litter to Greater Birmingham Humane Society in Alabama.

Two New England animal shelters each can receive up to 15,000 pounds of free cat litter through a public campaign taking place at the GiveLitter website.

For each vote cast through Nov. 24, Providence Animal Rescue League in Rhode Island and Worcester Animal Rescue League in Massachusetts will receive 1 pound of World’s Best Cat Litter.

The charity event is the latest round in the GiveLitter promotion sponsored by litter manufacturer Kent Pet Group Inc. of Muscatine, Iowa.

“Thanksgiving is almost here and we wanted to give thanks to the shelter employees who work tirelessly to help cats find their forever homes,” said Jean Broders, brand manager of World’s Best Cat Litter. “Our fans share our passion for supporting pet adoption, and this new round of GiveLitter gives them a simple way to give back.”

A GiveLitter campaign in October produced 3,500 pounds of free cat litter for the Humane Society of Weld County in flood-ravaged Colorado.

The program has led to more than 130 tons of litter and 1,000 adoption kits being donated to U.S. shelters.

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