Listen To The Weird Sound This Cat Makes When His Back Is Rubbed

Once you hear it, it's hard to un-hear it.

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No one has ever enjoyed anything the way this cat enjoys a back rub.

We all have that one friend who’s a little… too into everything. The one who laughs way too hard, who uses five or six heart-eyed emojis in one text, who gives a loud “YAAAAS QUEEN” for everything. This cat is that friend.

For most cats, getting a back rub is worth a purr or two, but not for this little weirdo. In this clip, posted by America’s Funniest Home Videos, a cat goes into a full-on serenade while his back is rubbed, making a sound like a Furby whose battery just ran out and wildly licking at the air. You have no chill, cat. No chill.

Yes, this face pretty much says it all. Via America's Funniest Home Videos/YouTube

Yes, this face pretty much says it all. Via America’s Funniest Home Videos/YouTube

Come on, cat. We all know that getting scratched or rubbed feels pretty great, even if someone’s doing it with their sock foot. Just bring it down a notch or two. One emoji is enough. And save that “YAAAAS QUEEN” for a special occasion.

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