List of Public Aquariums

Your guide to public aquariums in the United States.

   A public aquarium can easily ensnare your interest in the world of fish — oceans, rivers and ponds hold more life than one person could possibly imagine. Aquarists and nonfishkeepers alike can become equally lost in the aquatic kingdom. Reef exhibits displaying vibrant fish and invertebrates tempt aquarists to try replicating the ocean’s perfect ecological habitat — or perhaps to add just one more aquarium to their fish-filled homes. Those who’ve never kept fish encounter images of the deep they have only seen in books previously — in photos seemingly saturated with bright color that could only exist on an artist’s palette — only to come face to face with reef inhabitants and find that such lush-colored creatures truly exist.

Aquariums across the country invite you to gaze at moray eels and sharks, see spitting archerfish and stand right in front of schools of beautiful fish. If you’re looking for an experience like this, use our guide to locate public aquariums, zoos with aquariums and other aquatic attractions across the country. This directory groups aquariums alphabetically by state, and although it doesn’t list every single aquarium in the country, hopefully you’ll find one you can visit close to home or while on vacation. All information is subject to change, so we highly recommend you contact the aquariums to verify information is current. Above all, have fun, and enjoy the underwater life!

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