Watch These Lions Turn Into Ordinary House Cats At The Sight Of A Giant Cat Toy

They're dangerous predators, sure, but they still love to play with dangling strings.

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Big or small, cats will be cats.

Lions are magnificent creatures, and their potential ferocity is not something you’d ever want to see up close. But at their core, lions are just big cats. Especially when faced with dangly things on strings.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by the Oregon Zoo, Lead Keeper Beth Foster of the Oregon Zoo’s predator area gives her lions something to play with. Foster states in the video that it’s important to keep the lions physically and mentally fit, so the zookeepers are constantly looking for toys that can meet both needs.

Here, she uses a giant rope made of butcher paper tied in knots and drops it into the predator’s exhibit for some leaping lion silliness.

Via Oregon Zoo/YouTube

“Gimme that string!” Via Oregon Zoo/YouTube

And BOY do they leap.

Via Oregon Zoo/YouTube

“Gimme gimme gimme.” Via Oregon Zoo/YouTube

Seeing these lions jump up for the rope looks like the big version of a kitten jumping to grasp at a feather wand.

The difference here is the size of the claws and the massively muscular back legs that these lions have to land on.

You forget for a second that these giant, adorable cats could seriously injure you with just one swipe of the paw. But it’s so cute to see them act like our own little house cats.

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