Lingerie Store Owner Got A Surprise When A Cat Popped Out Of The Ceiling

The owner said she kept hearing the cat meow, but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.

The store’s owner used scissors to cut Cedric out of the ceiling. Via

When you’re the owner of a lingerie shop in Swindon, UK, you’re used to seeing a store full bras, underwear and customers and likely very few surprises. However, Provocative Pleasures owner Tanya Williams got a big surprise when a cat popped his head through the ceiling of her store.

Williams had been hearing meowing for days, but was unable to determine where it was coming from, SWNS reports. She thought she might be going crazy because every time she checked the store itself or looked outside, she found nothing.

“On Saturday I heard this incredibly loud, distressed sounding wailing coming from the ceiling. But never in a million years did I think a cat was in the ceiling. I took a pair of scissors and just thought I’d have a look,” Williams told SWNC.

“We had to pull him out of the ceiling head first – it was like giving birth to a cat. He fell onto my shoulders and I have never had a cat cuddle me that much before, he kept nuzzling me. We had an instant connection and he just seemed so relieved to be out of there.”

Williams took the cat, named Cedric, to a veterinarian where he was put on a drip and has since made a full recovery. “I fell in love with Cedric as soon as I saw him and would have happily cat-napped him, but it was really important to me to find the owner,” Williams added.

As it turned out, Cedric’s original owners were found, but chose not to take him back. He’s now happily living with Williams and her other cat, Arthur.

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