Block Off An Hour, Because Lil Bub’s Christmas Yule Log Video Is Here

There's something oddly relaxing about watching Lil Bub sleep in front of a fire.

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Feeling a little like the Grinch this Christmas? Lil Bub will turn that frown upside down.

If you’re a Netflix subscriber (or still have your former roommate’s password), you could spend the holiday season watching its “Fireplace for Your Home” videos. You can choose either a crackling yule log or a crackling, um, regular log… or you could opt to watch Lil Bub sitting in front of her own fireplace instead.

The perennially youthful looking cat has released her annual holiday video on YouTube, and it’s a full hour of her sitting peacefully on a tiny sofa while a fire burns in a cat-sized fireplace.

What can you expect from the video? This. An hour of this. Via Lil BUB/YouTube

What can you expect from the video? This. An hour of this. Via Lil BUB/YouTube

There’s something slightly hypnotic about watching one of the Internet’s fave animals stare at the fire and fall asleep, mouth open. (She’s very much like your Uncle Pete). But if you’re looking for an escape from the stresses of your own holiday, a festive background for those family celebrations or just something to do while you wait for your mother’s yearly meltdown, this is the video you need.

Nothing really happens, other than a couple of other cats tentatively exploring Lil Bub’s living room and Bub herself periodically eating or vanishing in a puff of smoke. But, during the time of year when too much can happen, maybe a little bit of nothing — and some Lil Bub — is the best gift of all.

Looking as good as ever, BUB. #lilbub

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