Lil BUB’s Spoof On Pharma Commercials Has All The Slo-Mo Moments You’d Expect

Parody ad spot featuring famous feline Lil BUB sends real message about cat health.

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Lil BUB has a special message for you.
Anastasia Thrift

The slow walks on the beach. The shots of seagulls in the sky. The couple-y moments looking through old photos. A new take on pharmaceutical commercials features all the classic hallmarks of drug ads but this time with Lil BUB.

Lil BUB’s new spin on your average drug commercial is going viral. The commercial, which has reached 2 million people, promotes early kidney disease detection while showcasing BUB and her dude Mike Bridavsky.

The spot shows the two poring over photo albums and strolling through a park. The message is that you and your cat can have even more of these moments with IDEXX’s SDMA. Screening test SDMA detects kidney disease earlier than others, according to the company, and tells you how far the disease has progressed. (Full disclosure: The ad spot was created in partnership with our sister site, Catster.)

Soft-focus, touchy-feely times with BUB. Via Lil BUB/YouTube

Soft-focus, touchy-feely times with BUB. Via Lil BUB/YouTube

It’s a sweet, funny way to send a serious message. BUB is the perfect spokescat to do it.

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