Lifereef Sump and Filter Review

Lifereef makes custom sumps and filters to your specification.

The Lifereef Sump and Filter is a well-designed and custom-crafted combination of a sump and filter and protein skimmer within the sump. This compact package provides excellent filtration and skimming, as well as options for chemical filtration.

 Lifereef sump

The Claims
Lifereef claims that its Lifereef Sump and Filter is simple, complete and efficient filtration for a marine aquarium.

The Test
Lifereef specifically designed the sump and filter that I tested for my application (they will do the same for you). I had three 40-gallon breeder tanks overflowing to the Lifereef Sump and Filter. The breeder tanks were on a stand next to each other, and the overflow from each was piped down to the Lifereef Sump and Filter. One of the tanks had live rock that still needed a little more curing, and the other two tanks were used for aquacultured clownfish that I sold wholesale. There were probably 50 to 60 clownfish in the two 40-gallon breeders and 70 pounds of live rock in the third one.

The Results
The Lifereef Sump and Filter was fantastic. Everything about the Lifereef Sump and Filter has been carefully thought out. The skimmer fits in one corner, and the returns from the tanks are piped in. There are easy-to-clean prefilters and places for adding any chemical media as wanted (I did not use any). I set up the entire system at one time, having had the water in the three tanks mixed and circulating before installing the Lifereef Sump and Filter. I added water for the sump and started the system with a live bacteria nitrogen cycle starter. I ran just the live rock for a week, and the protein skimmer removed enough junk from the water that I was dumping it every day or so. Then I added more cycle starter and 50 clownfish. The Lifereef Sump and Filter picked right up on the additional load without a hiccup. For the eight weeks I tested the Lifereef Sump and Filter (actually, I’m still using it), it performed perfectly. The simple mechanical filters removed particulate matter, the skimmer kept up with as much as was thrown at it, and I never had any problems with the system. Each filter is designed and constructed individually, and Lifereef will take the time to understand what you want and deliver it to you.

Lifereef Filter Systems
Lifereef Sump and Filter


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