Lifegard’s Aqua Step Pro Ultraviolet Sterilizer

UV Sterilizer rated at 450GPH.

Lifegard’s Aqua Step Pro Ultraviolet Sterilizer is another of the many excellent products from Lifegard. It does everything claimed by the manufacturer simply and efficiently.

UV sterilizer

The Claims
Lifegard claims that its Aqua Step Pro UV Sterilizer will eliminate disease-causing microorganisms and free-floating algae spores in any aquarium. Lifegard also claims that aquariums using the UV Sterilizer will not have problems with water-borne bacteria, and green water will be cleared up.

The Test

I used the 15-watt model (rated for 120-gallon tanks) in two different applications. First I tested its ability to clear a 55-gallon tank with free-floating algae (green water). I also tested the ability of the Aqua Step Pro Ultraviolet Sterilizer to manage organisms in the water. I installed it on a marine system that consists of eight 15-gallon tanks and a 40-gallon sump.

The Results
The Lifegard Aqua Step Pro Ultraviolet Sterilizer performed well in both test situations. On the 55-gallon tank that I had made green with suspended algae, it took three days for the UV unit to make a noticeable difference in the clarity of the water; after a week the tank was crystal clear without even a hint of green. To test the anti-bacterial effectiveness of the Lifegard Aqua Step Pro Ultraviolet Sterilizer, I used it on the marine system for four months, even though the total gallonage of the system was a little above what the 15-watt unit is rated for. During that time, there was never any hint of any kind of bacterial or protozoan problems in the tank (often you will see a few white spots, especially on the fins, as the precursor of ich, or frayed or cloudy fins as a sign of the onset of a bacterial infection), and I did not treat it with anything else, such as copper.

Lifegard’s Aqua Step Pro Ultraviolet Sterilizer is an excellent product. It does exactly what the manufacturer claims it will do. It eliminates algae in green water, and it controls bacteria in the water stream in a marine tank. The technology is mature, and Lifegard certainly has mastered that technology in a simple product that is easy to use. I strongly recommend the Aqua Step Pro Ultraviolet Sterilizer.

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Aqua Step Pro UV Sterilizer


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