Life of a Diva Dog

New book tells the story of a dog who starts with nothing and ends up with everything.

"Tales of a Beverly Hills Bitch"From her humble beginnings as a junkyard dog, Miss Dylan is fortunately rescued by a kind-hearted socialite and enters the world of the privileged pooch. “Tales of a Beverly Hills Bitch” by Maria Belknap is the story of a down-to-earth dog, Dylan, whose early life of abuse and mistreatment is completely transformed when she finds herself in swanky Beverly Hills.

Written as a first-hand canine account, the transition from poverty to privilege is overwhelming as the pampered pup learns to live in luxury, and love a new human.

Miss Dylan falls under the spell of all the riches and comforts a canine can handle. But while she definitely enjoys the benefits of her new life (who wouldn’t enjoy a massage and spa bath?), Miss Dylan’s humble beginnings are never far from her mind. She experiences the hard parts of Hollywood after an unexpected rise to – and fall from – fame, and learns about life as a diva dog. She navigates the complex world of high society and the pressures of fitting in – learning plastic surgery is for pooches, too – and determines her own definition of the word “bitch.”

“Tales of a Beverly Hills Bitch” by Maria Belknap is on sale now.

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