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Blind Cat Climbs Mountain, Has A Lot To Teach Us About Life

Stevie the cat is completely blind, but does that keep her from enjoying life? Not even a little. And it definitely won't stop her from climbing a mountain.

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Stevie may be blind, but she sees more than most.

Life can be challenging. It can sometimes be filled with obstacles that make you lose hope. But with all the downs, there are plenty of ups.

That’s exactly what Patrick Corr learned from his blind cat named Stevie. In a video uploaded to YouTube this week, Corr shares the many lessons of strength and perseverance his cat Stevie has taught him.

Never give up. Via YouTube

Never give up. Via YouTube

The video shows footage of Carr and Stevie hiking at a nearby mountain. Stevie is on a leash (with the occasional moments of him roaming freely — which is not recommended, BTW), and despite not being able to see the path in front of him, he presses on.

Preach, Stevie! Via YouTube

Preach, Stevie! Via YouTube

Throughout the video, there are scenes of Stevie enjoying the world around him, without any indication that his disability slows him down. These scenes are cut with lessons Carr has learned thanks to his feline friend, lesson such as: “When you fall, you have to pick yourself up.”

Seriously though.. Via YouTube

Seriously though. Via YouTube

Much like Corr, we can all learn a lot from Stevie. Life can be incredibly beautiful, even on the days when all we see is darkness.

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