Life Is A Sport To These 7 German Shorthaired Pointers

With so much energy, the German Shorthaired Pointer performs everyday activities with tremendous zeal.

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Can’t keep up? Too bad. See you back at the house! Via Harold Meerveld/Flickr
Katrina Rossos

The German Shorthaired Pointer is full of energy and thrives on vigorous activity. Bred to hunt, German Shorthaired Pointers excel on land and in the water and thoroughly enjoy tracking, pointing and retrieving — making them the Renaissance dog of the hunting breeds. If hunting isn’t your sport, though, don’t worry — GSPs will take their fervent energy and put it into everything they do. And, believe us, they do.

Here are seven German Shorthaired Pointers who turn everyday happenings into athletic events.

1. This German Shorthaired Pointer is channeling his inner horse. Why walk around the fence when you can leap over it?

2. Just a stroll off the dock… turns into dock diving competition!

3. Tossing a ball to this German Shorthaired Pointer makes him turn into David Beckham. Snoutbutt!

4. Snow day? Please. Not even fresh powder can stop this GSP from turning his daily walk into a cross-country jaunt

5. Hiking around rocks is for non-sporting dogs. An adventurous GSP will climb the tallest rock and then jump off the top.

6. When you’re a German Shorthaired Pointer, there is no such thing as a long walk on the beach. It’s usually a fast gallop.

7. Running into a friend? Dance off!

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