Life as New Dog Dad

A rambunctious Boston Terrier introduces writer to a new type of single parenting.

Boston Terrier ButchWhen Jeff Marginean’s mother died, he and his siblings hoped to ease their father’s grief by getting a Boston Terrier to be his new companion. But when that Boston Terrier had her own litter, Marginean got something in return: his own companion, Butch.

In his new book, “My Buddy Butch: Confessions of a New Dog Dad,” Jeff Marginean recounts life with Butch, from picking him out of the litter to picking up ladies at the groomer’s. While Boston Terriers are certainly their own breed, Butch is his own dog as Marginean quickly learns.

An energetic and rambunctious friend, Butch is more than a cute companion: He is a pint-sized test of patience. From eating the carpet to dominating the king-sized bed, the dog introduced Marginean to a peculiar type of single parenthood, being the father of a canine child.

But, as any dog owner understands and Marginean relates, the antics and eccentricities of our dogs are part of the joy of having such wonderful furry friends. Written with humor and love, the book is a tribute to the wonderful existence that is living with any dog.

“My Buddy Butch: Confessions of a New Dog Dad” by Jeff Marginean is on sale now.

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