License Plate Benefits Cats, Dogs

Arizona's pet-friendly license plate funds spay and neuter services.

The tagline reads, “Pets Enrich Our Lives.” To the left, original color artwork by animal artist Ron Burns depicts a dog and cat, both looking up with hopeful eyes. The specialized license plate allows Arizona residents to proclaim their love for animals while contributing to a statewide fund that provides spay and neuter services for cats and dogs.

Thanks to the lobbying efforts of the Arizona Humane Society and the Animal Defense League, Arizona residents have been able to order the specialty plate since 2004. The annual cost to the car owner is $25 above normal licensing fees, with $17 of that amount going into a statewide fund. Each year, monies from the fund are distributed to animal welfare organizations through a grant process.

From August 2006 to July 2007, a total of $238,300 was raised through the pet-friendly license plate fees, an increase of nearly $60,000 over the previous year. The funds were distributed to 29 organizations to provide spay and neuter services to Arizona residents.

To learn more about the Arizona pet-friendly license plate, or to learn how to register your car with such a plate, visit the Arizona Pet Plate website.

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