Library Stocks Cats

At a New Mexico office, workers check out cats for the best on-the-job perk we've ever heard of.

You’d expect to hear more “shhhhhh!” and less “meow!” if you worked in a building that houses a library. But for one library in New Mexico, a little meowing is acceptable. A Reddit poster who goes by the handle Loocyloo recently shared a little perk she and her fellow officemates get to enjoy — an on-site cat and kitty playland. Prepare to be jealous: building employees get to check out cats and kittens and take them back to their desks for an hour each day to have some play time, lounge-in-lap time or whatever else strikes the feline’s fancy (“Ooh, crumpled up meeting-minutes paper… dibs!”). Yep, you have every right to feel envious, especially if your closest cat-fix to get you through your workday is a “Hang in there!” kitten on-the-ledge poster.

Loocyloo’s post explains how the cats came to the library. “The county work[s] with the local animal shelter, and because we get so much of the public coming through our lobby every day, they put up a large enclosed cat condo, and some of the shelter kitties come here so they have a higher chance of being adopted. Meanwhile, the employees get to enjoy them, and it gives the cats a chance to be socialized before they are adopted.”

The cats come to the library for a little stay before going up for official adoption, and Loocyloo reports that this program has been in affect for a year now, and it has lead to more than 100 cat adoptions. “I’m all for any way of finding cats happy homes to be loved in and if they have some fun and interaction in between then that sounds great, too.” Well-said Loocyloo, well-said.

The cats apparently have a pretty sweet spot at the front lobby of the building, and here’s a stat to share with your own boss: when the cats came to the office, employee job satisfaction rate went up. For those unfortunate employees allergic to cats, this two-floor building offers alternative routes around the cats and, in the “make-it-work” spirit, employees who are in the cat allergy-clear are respectful enough to keep the cats away from co-workers who might be allergic. Happy cats, happy employees; win-win all around.

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