Library Cat Gets To Stay

Browser was almost a goner until the public reached out and filed him back in.

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Browser can go back to listening while children read to him.Via NPR/Facebook
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When a city council voted to make a ban at the local library, it wasn’t a book they were trying to eliminate. It was a beloved cat named Browser.

So strong was the public’s bond with Browser, in fact, that they persuaded the city council last week to reverse its decision to kick Browser the cat out of the White Settlement, Texas, public library, according to NPR. The news outlet reports that “under an avalanche of complaints, the council members decided unanimously that Browser could stay.”

Naps on stacks are back for Browser.Via White Settlement Public Library/Facebook

Naps on stacks are back for Browser. Via White Settlement Public Library/Facebook

The city council had voted 2-1 in their last meeting against letting Browser stay at the library. The backlash against that decision was strong.

According to NPR, a petition drive, 1,000 international messages and the power of the web convinced the council to vote again. This time, they unanimously decided to keep Browser.

Browser picks "Smell This Book" by Tabby Hoffman. Via White Settlement Public Library/Facebook

Browser picks “Smell This Book” by Tabby Hoffman. Via White Settlement Public Library/Facebook

One rumor has surfaced about why Browser was under public scrutiny in the first place. The Associated Press reports that Mayor Ron White said the cat was targeted in retaliation when a city worker was denied permission to bring a puppy to city hall.

We’re glad that pitting pets against pets didn’t work out.

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