Let’s Talk Teeth

Bernadine Cruz, DVM and member of the Iams Pet Wellness Council, discusses the importance of caring for your pet's teeth.

With February’s Pet Dental Awareness Month drawing to a close, Bernadine Cruz, DVM, encourages all pet lovers to keep their pet’s teeth in healthy condition with her video.  

Oral care is so important. It’s not just a matter of having stinky breath, but bad teeth and dental disease can lead to infections body-wide,” Cruz says. “The gums are the boundary to the rest of the body, and when the gums become inflamed, that boundary’s been compromised.”

Get your pets accustomed to tooth brushing while they’re young, Cruz suggests. “Get all the teeth – not just the guys in front, but get all the ones in the back.”

She also recommends using a special pet tooth brush, as it’s a lot easier to use.

“If you need some ideas of how to brush your pet’s teeth, ask your veterinarian and their staff – they can show you how,” Cruz says.

To view Cruz’s video, click here.

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