Let’s Get Physical

Keep up with the physical demands of your ferret's daily care with some stretches and warm-up exercises.

opening pages to the article Let's Get Physical from Ferrets USA 2012Imagine the following scenario: While performing your daily ferret chores, you bend over to lift the litter box out of the cage. As you start to stand back up, you feel a twinge in your knee or a pinch in your lower back. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time you’ve felt this particular ache.

Perhaps you don’t experience twinges in your back or knees, but you have noticed lately that your regular play sessions with your ferret leave you a bit winded. Or you may have cut a round of playtime short because your energy level wasn’t keeping pace with that of your ferret.

While life with a pet ferret (or ferrets!) brings with it an abundance of joy and rewards, certain aspects of ferret care may require physical activity. By maintaining a healthy level of fitness, you may enhance the pleasurable aspects of ferret ownership — and make the less pleasurable aspects easier to endure.

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