Let’s Find Out Why These Japanese Hamsters Are Instagram Famous

We do a deep dive into the world of cute to find answers.

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Meet the hamsters of nococo.k, and their hamster butts. Via nococo.k/Instagram
Anastasia Thrift

We come across a lot of cute animals in our search for stories. It’s time-consuming, arduous, adorable work, all for the public good. Not all heroes wear capes.

When we discovered an Instagram account for hamsters that has garnered 27.2k followers, @nococo.k, we knew we had to investigate. Here are 19 reasons why we think four hamsters — Azuki, Marshmallow, Ramune and Tyrol — are crushing IG right now.

1. More Hamsters Are Better.

Four hamsters make up the crew, including Ramune and Azuki, above.

2. Three Hamsters Are Better Than Two.

Then there’s tiny Tyrol.

3. Four Hamsters Are Better Than Three.

And, finally, Marshmallow, a power-eater.

4. Especially Phenome-Noms.

See? What did we tell you?

5. And Ham-gry Ham-gry Hammies.

Case closed.

6. They Roll Deep.

Squad goals achieved.

7. And What A Handful.

A ham in the hand is worth two in the cage.

8. They Are In Love With Each Other.

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9. No Buts About It.

Where is the hamster butt emoji? We need it.

10. Actually, Several Butts About It.

Happy tails to you.

11. We Could Go On.

But we’ve reached the end.

12. They Pancake.

We’ll take a short stack.

13. And Imitate Other Food.


14. Besides Being Tiny Besties…

Fistful of BFF.

15. With Each Other…

Ham-fisted hug.

16. Their Other Friend Sealed The Deal For Us.

“What is she talking about?”


The hammies live with a Shiba Inu, Sora.

18. Who Is Also Too Cute.

Adorable overkill.

19. Mystery Solved.

That cracks the case!

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