Let’s Talk: Can Dogs & Parrots Be BFFs?

Cute photos of a golden retriever named Bob and birds are making the Internet rounds, but we have to ask: should the two mix?

Here at BirdChannel, we?e of the “better safe than sorry?mindset. So the photos of the Golden Retriever with some cockatiels, budgies and zebra finches (and a hamster) going around definitely hit us all the wrong way.

We recommend keeping dogs and parrots apart and supervised, because dog bites can be fatal. We also recommend training dogs to tolerate parrots, but still ask that they be supervised and kept apart.

But what about these photos?

These photos come from the Instagram user bob_goldenretreiver letting birds, more or less, crawl all over him. The birds don? look stressed out, but we can? say for sure. Bob seems to be really well-trained, completely tolerant of the birds all around him. And the Internet loves itTlt;/span>

Que frio!!! ????

A photo posted by Bob (@bob_goldenretriever) on

But does the Internet realize the inherent dangers of this kind of dog-meet-bird interaction? Bob is a naturally a predator, and birds are prey animals. What if Bob gets irritated one day and bites one of the birds? What if he accidentally steps on one before it can get away?

So let’s talk: What do you think? Can dogs and birds be this close? Should we stick to our “safe instead of sorry?approach? If you let your dogs and birds interact, how do you keep everyone safe?

Let us know your thoughts.

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