Leopard Cat

Leopard Cat. Via Kuribo/Wikipedia

Prionailurus bengalensis

The leopard cat is about the same size as a domestic cat. Their coats are usually brownish-yellow with black spots but also may be reddish or gray. As nocturnal hunters, leopard cats hunt rodents, reptiles, fish, birds and other small mammals. Leopard cats live in a wide range of areas, residing anywhere from North Korea to Bali, Pakistan, India and some Japanese islands.

Leopard cats engage in similar territorial behavior as other cats such as scratching and scent marking but they have been known to defecate and urinate in water to cover their tracks. Unlike other cats, male leopard cats help rear their young. Captive leopard cats can live around 13 years.

Hunting is the leopard cat’s biggest threat and it takes 15 leopard cats to make one fur coat. The IUCN has different threat statuses on certain leopard cats ranging from least concern to vulnerable.

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