Leona Helmsley’s Heiress Dog in Trouble

Former housekeeper may sue the dog’s trust over alleged bites.

Looks like there’s trouble in store for Trouble.

A former housekeeper for Leona Helmsley said she may sue Trouble, the Maltese who received a $12 million trust from the late billionaire hotelier’s estate.

Zamfira Sfara says Trouble bit her dozens of times when she worked for Helmsley in 2004. Sfara had previously tried unsuccessfully to sue Helmsley over the alleged dog bites.

Sfara says Trouble also bit several bodyguards, a nurse and a hotel guest during the three months Sfara worked at Helmsley’s Manhattan home.

Alvin Rosenthal, Helmsley’s brother, was named Trouble’s guardian. A press report this week claimed Rosenthal doesn’t want the dog.

Helmsley left more money to the 8-year-old dog than to several family members. Two of four grandchildren from Helmsley’s late son Jay Panzirer received $5 million each. Two other grandchildren from Panzirer received nothing “for reasons that are known to them,” wrote Helmsley in her will.

Helmsley, nicknamed the “Queen of Mean” by members of the media, was convicted of tax evasion in 1988.

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