Learning a New Trick

Cat lover and CAT FANCY Consumer Marketing Manager Suzanne Stowe blogs about a kitty who taught her a new lesson.

I recently took care of two kitties, Karma and Jet. Jet is about 15 now and definitely shows signs of being a senior lady. When I first took care of her about two years ago, she was shy and hid on many of my visits. On the most recent pet sit, Jet was much more friendly and let me pet her several times. She even started purring like crazy on my last visit.

Karma, her brother, is a big black-and-white boy about 12 years old. He has always been a lover and very accepting of my attentions.  This visit was no different. Karma let me brush and pet him as much as I wanted.

The cats’ owner rotates their stuffed toys in a bag of catnip. During the visit, I would take a different toy out every day and let the cats play with it. One day when I came to visit, I found one of the toys at the bottom of the stairs.

Karma was at the top of the stairs, so I threw the toy up to him. He then batted the toy back to me. So I tossed it up again. Same story – Karma batted it back down to me. He had invented a new kind of fetch where he threw the toy for me and I fetched it back up to him to throw to me again.

We did this for about 15 minutes until it was time to feed the kitties and clean their potty box. The next two days, we went through the same routine, playing reverse fetch with a freshly scented toy.

That’s what I love about taking care of so many different cats. They are all individuals and they all have their special characteristics. I’ve had several cats that have played fetch with fuzzy mice or plastic rings but never the way Karma played. You just need to pay attention to what your kitties want to do and you, too, can learn a new trick.

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